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The lectures presented by the MRC Speaker's Bureau, participating local bureau's and Masonic scholars will be available by podcast and cover a wide range of topics.  The podcasts will be free and available through iTunes.  The podcasts are an excellent resource for Masons who do not want their journey towards LIGHT to grow stale because their time does not allow them to engage in Masonic literature.  Through these podcasts, a mason can continue learning about the noble history and philosophy while in commute or in the office. 

The podcasts are currently in development and will be available soon.  However, if you sign up below, you will be the first to receive a notification when the podcasts are ready.  The information you submit will only be used to send approximately  two notifications of the availability of the podcasts.  Sign up today and launch with this new resource in Masonic education. 

Masonic Podcast Availability Notification